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  •  ”Beyond the Ash and Steel.. a powerful recording from a brilliant songwriter and performer" - ( WFDU Traditions) …“Striking vocals, instrumental prowess…thought provoking lyrics and toe tapping tunes..”- (Sing Out Magazine) – DJ and author, Ron Olesko
  • Judy Kass seamlessly blends touches of traditional folk, jazz, and blues with evocative, sensitive songwriting.” — Carter Smith, Common Ground Community Concerts
  • "Judy’s music and lyrics speak to the heart. Her voice takes us along on her own personal journey. She has the gift!” — Sheila Kay Adams, 2013 NEA National Heritage Fellow 
  • "Judy Kass has a knack for tapping into both the introspective and the playful aspects of songwriting! Her voice shimmers and dances with each turn of phrase. Beyond the Ash and Steel is a devastatingly beautiful song! And there’s even more in her new CD of the same name!” — Joltin Joe Pszonek, Radio Nowhere WMSC, Upper Montclair, NJ 
  • "The brilliance of Better Things rests on Kass' expressive singing, gifted storytelling and sterling musicianship...Blessed with a beautiful voice just this side of soprano, Kass easily touches listeners with her songs."
  • Thomas Staudter, Hudson River Journal


Review of "Beyond the Ash and Steel" by Ron Olesko of Sing Out Magazine


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